Bill Nelson Needs a Fact Check on Voter Participation

As the U.S. Senate campaign debate with Governor Rick Scott continues, it looks like Senator Nelson could use a fact check….

MYTH: Governor Scott has created new barriers to registering voters and restricted access to early voting.

FACT: When it comes to elections, Governor Scott’s policy is 100 percent participation and zero percent fraud.

FACT: Governor Scott signed legislation that resulted in the largest expansion of early voting in Florida history, including increasing the number of early voting locations and early voting days, and shortening the length of the ballot to increase access and eliminate long lines at the polls. Because of this law, Florida now has more opportunities, in both hours and locations, than ever before.

“These tired, baseless attacks are exactly what we expect from career politicians like Senator Nelson, who always go negative because they think it will distract voters from their complete lack of accomplishments. After nearly half a century in office, Senator Nelson should be confident enough to stand on his own accomplishments – but he can’t because there’s nothing there.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary


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