Fact Check on Pre-Existing Conditions

As much as Senator Nelson tries to politicize this issue, he has his facts wrong.

MYTH: Governor Scott wants to dismantle the healthcare law that guarantees coverage for more than 7 million Floridians with pre-existing conditions. He even joined a lawsuit aimed at getting rid of them. 

FACT: Governor Scott’s position on pre-existing conditions has not changed – he has consistently supported keeping pre-existing provisions in any healthcare reform.

Despite Senator Nelson’s best attempts to deceive voters, Florida’s Attorney General is independently elected. Governor Scott had no input on joining this lawsuit and did not work with the Attorney General regarding her decision to join.

While Senator Nelson continues to ignore the rising costs and failures of Obamacare, Governor Scott has been clear on the steps that can be taken in Congress to immediately start the process of healthcare reform in order to provide quality, affordable healthcare for Florida families, including:

  • Removing Obamacare’s excessive mandates and taxes;
  • Allowing insurance to be sold across state lines to encourage competition;
  • Protecting those with pre-existing conditions and letting young adults stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26; and
  • Allowing families to buy the healthcare they want.

“Senator Nelson should have done his homework before he agreed to face Floridians at a debate. Governor Scott has made it crystal clear that pre-existing provisions are a crucial and necessary part of any healthcare reform. Maybe if Senator Nelson spent more time working to fix our broken healthcare system than he does spreading misleading information, this conversation wouldn’t even be happening.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary


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