Gov. Scott is Keeping Firearms Away from the Dangerous and Mentally Ill. Why is Sen. Nelson Attacking that?

Why is Senator Nelson going negative on Governor Scott’s record keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous and mentally ill individuals?

This obvious publicity stunt completely ignores the major legislation Governor Scott championed and signed this year, in only three weeks following the shooting in Parkland, which stands in stark contrast to the lack of action from career politicians in Washington.

In true Bill Nelson fashion, he has taken a swing before looking back at his own record as a career politician of half a century…

  • Bill Nelson voted against a measurethat would have reauthorized grants to help states use the national background check database. This amendment would have also strengthened the national background check database for gun purchases and address mental illness in the criminal justice system.
  • And while Senator Nelson wants to criticize the work done here in Florida, Congress has only allocated $75 million for school safety nationwide this year. In Florida, Governor Scott has provided nearly $500 million to protect our students this year alone. (R.1625, Became Public Law No: 115-141, 03/23/2018)

“With a political career going back nearly half a century and a history of hypocrisy, it almost makes sense that Senator Nelson would lose track of his record – even for a vote against a measure that would have strengthened the national background check database. Regardless, Floridians will remember the hollow response from the big talkers like Senator Nelson in Washington just as well as they will remember the Governor taking actual action to secure meaningful legislation that protects our state and keeps guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary



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