Gov. Scott on Donald Trump: Results Over Rhetoric

While Senator Nelson is resorting to tired, negative attacks, Governor Scott believes that results are what matter most – not empty partisan rhetoric. Governor Scott has been clear that he is going to be with the President when it’s good for Florida, and will disagree with the President when it’s not good for Florida.

Governor Scott and the President have worked well together to help advance important issues to Floridians, and Governor Scott will continue to work with our federal partners to secure real results to better our state. See below for specific examples of how the Governor’s positive working relationship has helped benefit Florida:

  • Governor Scott secured a commitment from the president to speed up repairs to the federal Herbert Hoover Dike and received White House approval for the EAA project Governor Scott supported in order to store more water south of Lake Okeechobee.
  • Governor Scott successfully removed Florida from consideration for offshore oil drilling, which even Senator Nelson should be happy about.

“Senator Nelson said he wants to ‘abolish Trump’ – so how does he plan to work with him? He doesn’t. Senator Nelson’s inability to build relationships and get things done for Florida is exactly why he’s been unable to accomplish anything during his over 40 years in office. Governor Scott can put aside differences to get results when it is in the best interests of Floridians, just like he did under President Obama, which is why he is needed in Washington.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary


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