Nothing but Excuses from Senator Nelson

Senator Nelson is deploying his usual career politician tactic – make excuses, point fingers and hope Floridians won’t notice his poor record of accomplishments.

But Nelson’s half century of bare minimum efforts – writing letters that don’t go anywhere, giving empty floor speeches and sending meaningless tweets – won’t distract from the fact that Nelson has only passed 11 bills in 30 years. (“Legislation Sponsored By Bill Nelson,” Library Of Congress

When the Democrats had the majority, Obama was President and Senator Nelson STILL couldn’t get anything done – so Nelson’s strategy of blaming Republicans for his failures just doesn’t hold up.

“Senator Nelson thinks he can get away with blaming the political process and literally anyone or anything he can think of for the fact that he has never gotten anything done for Floridians. Voters are fed up with this do-nothing creature of Washington and are ready to elect Governor Scott, who knows how to work with others to actually secure results. Blame can only get you so far, and Nelson’s hit his limit.” – Chris Hartline, Scott for Florida Spokesman




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