Senator Nelson Confused by the Reality of Florida’s Education Accomplishments

Senator Nelson has a lot to say about budget cuts from eight years ago… but he is clearly confused about the reality of Florida’s education accomplishments.

 When Governor Scott was elected, Florida’s economy was in shambles because of Senator Nelson’s friends, Charlie Crist and Barack Obama. Thanks to Governor Scott’s work to cut taxes, reduce debt and turnaround the economy, record investments have been made in Florida students.

In fact:

  • Under Governor Scott, Florida spends more on education today than at any time in our state’s history.
  • Under Governor Scott, Florida spends more per pupil today than at any time in our state’s history.
  • Under Governor Scott, Florida’s teachers got an across the board pay raise in 2013. No other Governor or legislature has done that.
  • Under Governor Scott, student achievement is on the rise: 4th grade reading and math scores and 8th grade reading scores are outperforming the nation, Florida is leading the nation in AP classes and higher education is ranked #1.

Senator Nelson’s solution to budget problems, however, was to vote for sequestration, despite knowing the devastating effects it would have on Florida’s education system, including cutting $54.5 million for primary and secondary education in Florida, slashing funding for 95,000 students and 130 schools, and risking the jobs of hundreds of Florida teachers. (“White House Estimates Of State-By-State Impacts Of Sequestration: Florida,” The Washington Post, 2/25/13)

“A public education gave Governor Scott the chance to succeed, which is why he has made it a priority to ensure every child gets the education and opportunities they deserve. Over the past seven and a half years, Governor Scott has made historic investments for K-12 public schools, spending more on education today than ever before. Senator Nelson, on the other hand, is all talk, no action when it comes to education – a risk Florida’s students can’t afford.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary




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