Senator Nelson: Only Interested in Pay Raises For Himself

While Senator Nelson has a lot to say about helping Florida’s law enforcement, teachers and government workers, his own record reveals that fighting for Floridians is not at the top of his priorities list.

In fact, Senator Nelson has made it clear that when it comes to actually taking action, his own salary is his first priority. Over the course of his decades-long career in Washington, Nelson has voted to give himself a pay raise TWELVE times, and has taken over $4 million in taxpayer dollars for his own salary.

“As usual, Senator Nelson is hoping that Floridians will only pay attention to what he has to say, and not what he has actually done – which is vote time and time again in favor of raising his own salary so he can collect more than $4 million from hardworking taxpayers. Meanwhile, Governor Scott has secured important investments and legislation that actually make a difference in ensuring law enforcement officers and teachers have the resources they need to succeed. While Senator Nelson continues to do everything he can to protect his job, Governor Scott will continue to fight for the jobs of Florida families.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary


Unlike Bill Nelson, Governor Scott does not take a salary from Florida taxpayers and has instead been committed to recognizing the hard work and dedication of our law enforcement, first responders, state workers and teachers. The record speaks for itself…

  • Governor Scott championed and secured $480 million in pay raises to Florida’s teachers in 2013, the first statewide teacher pay raise in Florida history.
  • Governor Scott secured a pay raise for child protective investigators, which boosted pay by more than $3,700 per employee.
  • Governor Scott signed legislation in 2017 that included $183 million for pay raises for state employees, a salary increase for Correctional Officers, and a five percent pay raise for Florida’s sworn state law enforcement officers.
  • This year, Governor Scott signed a budget that includes $2.2 million for a $2,500 raise for all Florida Forest Service firefighters.
  • Governor Scott championed and secured $22.8 million in pay raises for Florida’s law enforcement agencies to help recruit and retain highly qualified and dedicated officers.
  • Governor Scott championed and secured $8 million to provide a 10 percent salary increase for Florida’s Juvenile Detention and Probation Officers.
  • Governor Scott expanded workers’ compensation benefits for Florida’s first responders to cover job-related post-traumatic stress disorder.



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