Senator Nelson Proves Why Washington Needs Term Limits

After spending nearly 46 years in office and only passing a whopping 1% of the bills he’s sponsored, Senator Nelson has made it clear that he is comfortable taking nearly $4.4 million in taxpayer-funded salary without providing any results or benefits to Floridians.
(“Legislation Sponsored By Bill Nelson,” Library Of Congress)

In fact Senator Nelson voted against term limits and admitted, “There’s no way you’ll get the Congress to impose it upon themselves.” (S. Amdt. 1488 To S.Amdt.1479 To S.2038, Roll Call Vote #11, Amendment Rejected 24-75, Nelson Voted No, 2/2/12) (Curtis Krueger, “High Court Says No To Term Limits,” St. Petersburg Times, 5/23/95)

Career politicians like Senator Nelson are never going to change Washington, which is why Governor Scott is proposing to implement term limits for all members of Congress.

“Governor Scott understands that service in Congress shouldn’t be a job for life – which is why he is proposing term limits to help ensure elected officials work for Americans, not for themselves. Senator Nelson has become a creature of Washington, enjoying all of the benefits, with no accountability for the fact that he has no accomplishments to speak of. Taxpayers can’t afford to fund the lifestyle of this do-nothing career politician. – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary.



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