Senator Nelson Supports Burdening Taxpayers

If Senator Nelson had his way, all massive federal programs would be expanded. He continues to support the government takeover of our healthcare system, despite its disastrous consequences on Florida’s families. Floridians are paying more for healthcare, and losing their plans and their doctors – a fact that Senator Nelson incorrectly said would not happen.

Governor Scott said in 2013 he would only support Medicaid expansion if Florida taxpayers weren’t on the hook – but that wasn’t the case. Floridians would have been saddled with the enormous costs. And while Senator Nelson supports growing government no matter the burden to American families, Governor Scott will always work to protect taxpayers.

Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida’s Medicaid system is operating at the highest level of quality care in its history. Governor Scott has also worked with the Administration to get flexibility in Florida’s Medicaid program so our state can cut federal red tape and provide higher quality care to better serve low-income Floridians.

True compassion for people is helping to create opportunities to get an education, to get a job, and help to drive down the cost of healthcare. Senator Nelson is so confused he thinks growing government and increasing dependency is best thing for Florida families. That’s what you get from someone who has been a politician all their lives – and that’s not the kind of leader who could ever secure real healthcare reform for Floridians.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary



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