Senator Nelson Thinks Growing Government is the Answer to Our Healthcare Problems

Bill Nelson continues to support the Affordable Care Act, despite its disastrous consequences for Florida families. Costs are skyrocketing and Floridians are losing their plans and their doctors – a fact that Bill Nelson incorrectly said would not happen.

Governor Scott was on the frontline of fighting against this federal overreach and government takeover of our healthcare under President Obama, and he has been clear that he will work in Washington to stop this idea of the ‘grand bargain’ and actually work to get things done, while supporting state control and states’ rights.

As Senator, Governor Scott will fight to:

  • Remove Obamacare’s excessive mandates and taxes;
  • Allow insurance to be sold across state lines to encourage competition;
  • Protect those with pre-existing conditions and let young adults stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26; and
  • Allow families to buy the healthcare they want.

“Senator Nelson might be comfortable with the growing government takeover of our healthcare system and the increasing costs and burdens on Floridians, but Governor Scott is prepared to get to work NOW to fix our healthcare system so that it works for all Floridians.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary



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