NEW VIDEO// The Budget MUST be Balanced

NEW VIDEO// The Budget MUST be Balanced

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released a video highlighting inconvenient truths that leaders in Washington need to address. Democrats have spent far too long spreading lies and fear mongering about balancing the budget. The federal budget can – and must – be balanced. The only people who benefit from Democrats’ reckless spending are D.C. bureaucrats, Wall Street, and large companies that make billions from federal government contracts.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “Regular Americans don’t benefit one bit from out-of-control federal spending. Mortgage rates are going up, credit card interest rates are going up, and the price of food is going up. The rich are getting richer while middle class Americans suffer thanks to Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. Republicans in Washington need to stop caving and stand united against Democrats’ harmful agenda. When Americans have debt to pay, they don’t go to the bank and ask for more credit. So, why is it ok for Democrats to do that with your tax dollars?”

Click HERE or the screenshot below to watch Senator Rick Scott’s latest video.



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