Senator Rick Scott at CPAC: We Will Rescue America

Senator Rick Scott at CPAC: We Will Rescue America

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott is giving remarks at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Senator Scott will point out how radical Democrats are destroying this country. He will also deliver a strong message to establishment Republicans who constantly cave to Democrats woke socialist agenda. Below are Senator Scott’s remarks as prepared.

Thank you CPAC.  Thank you.  So great to be here with you today. 

Welcome to America in the year 2023…where we are destroying the country that we love. 

That’s what’s happening in America right now — we are destroying the country we love.

To be clear, it’s not you or me who are destroying our country  — 

  • It is the president of the United States who is destroying our country..  
  • It is the U.S. Senate that is destroying our country..
  • It is the news media, it is the Democrat party, academia, it is Hollywood, Wall Street, and many of our big corporations that are destroying our country..
  • But it is not just them.  Some politicians who say they are on our side are destroying our country too.

They are all destroying this great country – and we are going to stop them cold, turn our country around, and we will rescue America. 

If you go to, you can see my plan and how we can start.

But first – I want to talk to you about a different plan.  A corrupt and evil plan.  An evil plan you and I could never, ever dream up…

But if you did draw up an evil plan to destroy our country… here is what it would look like:

  • First, you would teach our kids that America was founded on evil principles and that we are in fact a racist country.
  • Then, you would pay people not to work so you could destroy our nation’s work ethic.
  • You’d use the Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS to target political opponents, just like any good fascist regime would do.
  • And of course, you’d have to allow our public schools to ignore parents and talk to very young children about sexuality — instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic.
  • You would stop prosecuting and punishing criminals so that crime could terrorize our communities.
  • You would make our military leaders wage war on pronouns instead of scaring the crap out of our enemies.
  • And you would order America’s own, proud and fearless servicemen and women to tuck their tails between their legs and run away from Afghanistan, leaving billions of dollars of military equipment in the evil hands of our enemies.
  • But there is so much more you would do….
  • You would increase our debt every year to world-record levels so we could never repay it.
  • Then, you would say, let’s open our borders to illegal immigrants, including criminals, terrorists and drug smugglers, and watch 70,000 of our fellow citizens die from fentanyl each and every year.
  • You would make America dependent on our enemies for energy and lifesaving drugs.
  • You’d force Wall Street to bend a knee to insane, politically correct wokeness and you’d punish all the companies and investors who didn’t cave into it.
  • Oh, and you wouldn’t forget socialism, that evil idea that killed just 100m people in the last century and always ends in poverty, oppression, and death.  Well, you would make that into a hip, new idea, wouldn’t you? Most kids today wouldn’t know any better.
  • And you would teach young people that climate change is their new religion, so forget about Christianity or Judaism.
  • Oh, and you would make it cool to erase science and biology, pretend that there are a million genders, and that there are no differences between men and women.
  • You would limit free speech by cancelling anyone you disagree with and declare their views to be “unsafe”.
  • You’d encourage people to segregate themselves and judge each other by their skin color or religion…and ignore the content of their character.
  • Finally, to make sure the government keeps taking more money from our citizens, you would double the size of the IRS to harass every American, and you would keep on spending more than we have.

Isn’t that what you would do if you wanted to completely destroy this great country?

Well, you guessed the punchline: that’s exactly what the Democrats are doing now – they are destroying the country we love.

So now is the time for truth. 

Some people who say they are on our side aren’t going to like what I’m about to tell you. 

It’s not just the Democrats in Washington who are destroying our country.  You have heard the famous quote – “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

Well…unfortunately, some of the leaders of our old Republican establishment have been in Washington way too long, they’ve forgotten why they came here. They’ve gotten used to caving-in to the Democrats. They do it over and over.  Instead of making the Democrats compromise their liberal principles, they roll over, and compromise our conservative principles.

You’ve seen it happen:  Republicans come to Washington to change it…but some just stay too long.  They get comfortable.  The New York Times pats them on the back and says “good job!, you are one of those responsible Republicans.”  Gradually, and sometimes quickly, Washington changes them. 

To fit in in here, to be part of the club, you must completely forget what you ran on.  You must agree that failure is our only option.  So, you hear them say, “we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop borrowing, we can’t cut waste, we can’t have term limits… we can’t, we can’t, we can’t!”  To fit in, to be part of the club, you must become accustomed to failure.  And we can’t. 

“We can” should not only be a phrase used on the campaign trail.

And no surprise here, you’ve seen establishment Republicans give the Democrats just enough Republican votes to pass left-wing legislation:

  • You remember Biden’s so-called “infrastructure bill?”  Right.  That was really a green new deal bill to blow up the deficit and inflation.
  • You recall the so-called “safer communities act?” There was nothing safer about it.  In reality, it trampled on our 2nd amendment rights and funded liberal states with the kind of “red flag” laws that deny lawful gun owners due process.
  • There was the so-called “chips and science act” that claims to help the U.S. compete against China.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  In reality, it was a massive giveaway to corporations that invest in China without any guarantee that jobs and products would be created in the us.
  • Then there’s the pork filled 1.7 trillion omnibus bill with 7,500 wasteful earmarks that was the final Pelosi-Schumer spending spree which allowed Biden to add 87,000 new IRS agents and add hundreds of billions of dollars to our debt.
  • And who can forget the debt ceiling increases in 2021, without any controls on wasteful government spending?  It was only the 78th time Washington blew through the debt ceiling and kept the music playing.  Democrats and Republicans have been heard saying “you never lose an election by spending too much.”

In each of those instances, old establishment leaders, from our own Republican party, caved-in and gave the Democrats the votes to nail down victory upon victory and pass dangerous left-wing policy.

And that my friends is why last fall I committed the unpardonable sin in Washington……  I challenged mitch McConnell for senate leader.

When I took on Senator McConnell I knew it would be hard, and I assumed I would have a hard time winning. But we had to start somewhere.  Everyone in Washington thought I was nuts, and maybe I am.  But we can’t put up with this BS any more.

Now I’m seeking to become the least popular man in Washington.  And I’m happy to report I’m making great progress:

I’ve got the president lying about me, both Democrat and Republican Senate leaders lying about me.  Pelosi is saying terrible things…  and I’ve got the president’s incoherent press secretary attacking me.

So, my plan is working. 

Now…to be clear…many in Washington have quietly advised me to apologize for taking on senator McConnell, so everyone can settle down and we can get back to business as usual in Washington.

Well…ok, in the infamous words of Conner McGregor – I would like to apologize…to absolutely nobody. 

It is our job to stand up for truth and freedom, and we will do it, no matter the cost.

My message to you is this – these people in Washington who don’t like me, they aren’t really fond of you either.  So let’s go…this is our country, and this is our time to rescue the country that we love.

We are going to take this country back and it starts with giving Republicans in Washington a backbone to stand up for what we believe in and campaign on.  My challenge to senator McConnell was not the end of something, it was the beginning of something.

Here’s an idea: we have a Republican party all over America that has the courage to stand up for conservative principles.

Maybe, we should have a party like that right here in Washington too!

So, what does the future hold for this country?  We all wonder about that.

In our darker moments, some fear that America’s best days are behind us, that our greatness is just a memory.  But for a kid who grew up in public housing, born to a single mom who told me I could be anything, I’m here to tell you that’s not true. We can beat them. We can beat this.

We are limited only by our failure to believe. 

We can turn this country around.  And here’s how:

We can reverse our decline, restore our economic health, and defeat this home-grown socialism. 

We actually can balance our budget and grow our economy, while protecting Social Security and Medicare. 

We actually can build a new, open economy that creates jobs naturally, bottom-up, not top-down from Washington… and when we free our economy from Washington, I promise you this:  it will grow exponentially. 

There is a new, powerful, and prosperous American economy waiting for us, if we just have the courage to change course and dream bigger.

We can renew our country’s culture and moral health, by defeating the wokeness and identity politics that are pitting Americans against Americans and tearing our nation to pieces.

We can replace wokeness with something that actually works:  a renewed, strong, uniting, and healthy American culture.  A culture that respects our faith in God, salutes the same American flag [turn to flag and salute], sings the same national anthem, and makes us all one again.  A culture that honors one of the greatest forces for good in human history: the miracle called “the American family.”

But without strong families instilling a common culture to bring us all together, our differences become divisions and they cut America to pieces.  The Democrat’s identity politics is really cultural segregation.  And segregation is not allowed here.

We can win the battle for the future with China and every other tyrant in the world. 

We can renew America’s ability to lead. Whether you like how that sounds or not, a world without American leadership is a scary and dangerous place. Joe Biden projects weakness to the world, and weakness invites the wolves.  Weakness invites wars.  The single best way to have peace on this globe is to have a strong America. 

We can do this, and we should make no apologies about it.

Finally, and this is important –

Our political system, like our president, is old and lost.  I’m not going to pretend that our president is competent. At times, I’m not even sure he is president.  I fear our government is being run by a bunch of spectacularly incompetent neo-Marxists, unelected staffers who write words for his teleprompter.  They are science deniers who can’t tell you what a woman is, ridicule people of faith, and hate the values our country was founded on.  They are hostile to American ideals.

Meanwhile, our establishment political leaders cut deals with each other for their own political benefit, knowing full well that their tired old solutions will keep failing us.  They embrace wokeness because they are too weak and fearful to stand up to the mob.  It’s all fake and phony and they know it. When yesterday’s tired old political leaders call something the “shovel ready jobs bill”, you know one thing for sure, there are no shovel ready jobs in it.

The tired old Washington establishment has had its day.

They’ve stayed too long.

They’ve become part of the problems they came to Washington to fix. 

On their own, Democrats don’t have enough votes to pass their absurd policies, but the old Republican establishment always gives them the votes they need…and that has to end.

Let it begin with us.  Let it begin right now.  And let it begin right here.

It’s always morning in America.  Thank you and God bless America



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