Biden’s Middle-Class Housing Tax Hike

Washington, D.C. – American families can’t afford Biden’s housing tax hike. Mortgage rates are 2.5 times higher today than the day Biden took office. A family who bought a $500,000 house in 2021 has an average monthly payment of $2,014. A family who buys the same house today is paying $3,101 per month.

If you want to buy a house in Joe Biden’s economy, you’ll have to pay nearly $400,000 more for a 30-year mortgage. This is a direct result of Democrats’ out of control spending spree that funds pigeon casinos and binge drinking mice.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “Democrats’ reckless spending has real consequences. Blue Collar Florida families who want to buy a house can no longer afford these outrageous mortgage rates. Yet Democrats want to continue their spending spree. That’s just dumb economics and it’s bad for Florida families. I will continue to fight against Democrats’ dumb economics so that Florida families can afford to live the American dream.”