ICYMI// Sen. Rick Scott: The Border is Controlled by the Cartels

Washington, D.C. – America’s Southern border is in chaos. Deadly drugs are pouring over the Southern border along with record numbers of illegal immigrants. Despite this, Joe Biden and Democrats say everything is fine. Biden’s DHS Secretary is out partying with MSNBC staffers. Congressional Democrats boycotted an important hearing at the Southern border. And Joe Biden is spending millions of dollars per year to keep the border open. They created this border crisis, and they refuse to fix it.

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Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “Democrats’ refusal to acknowledge the border crisis they created is irresponsible and dangerous. They’re boycotting hearings and partying while the Southern border is being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants and deadly drugs. The Biden Administration doesn’t control our border, the cartels do. Democrats are either ignorant or incompetent. Either way, I’m fed up. Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas should resign.”