Inflation, Inflation, and More Inflation

Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden’s presidency has caused a lot of uncertainty about the future of our economy. But there are some things Floridians can be certain about: inflation, wasteful spending, more inflation, and more wasteful spending under Biden. Democrats can’t help themselves when it comes to spending your tax dollars. And prices for everything under the sun are soaring because of it.

Lives of everyday Americans have gotten exponentially more expensive than they were last year. The Consumer Price Index has shot up more than 14% since Joe Biden took office. Electricity is up 13%, natural gas is up 14%, groceries are up 10%, and airline tickets are up more than 26%.

Yet Democrats are continuing their reckless and wasteful spending spree. Hard-working Floridians are struggling to balance their grocery and travel budgets while Joe Biden is spending millions of their tax dollars injecting hormones into monkeys and building casinos for pigeons. Democrats’ wasteful spending gravy train must be stopped. Floridians shouldn’t be paying more for less because Democrats can’t control their spending habit.