VIDEO// Democrats’ Dumb Economics

Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden and Democrats want to grow the economy in the dumbest way possible. They want to raise taxes and borrow trillions of dollars so they can continue their radical spending spree. Democrats believe that Washington bureaucrats know how to spend money better than hardworking Americans. But Democrats’ spending spree isn’t helping anyone. It’s given to woke special interest groups who fund Democrats’ campaigns and it’s hurting Florida families who can’t keep up with rising prices.

We’re $31.6 trillion in debt because Democrats are experts at wasting tax dollars. You wouldn’t trust someone who is trillions of dollars in debt to manage your money. So why should anyone trust Democrats and Washington bureaucrats to spend their tax dollars wisely? If we continue down the path of Democrats’ dumb economics, it will only get worse.

There’s a better way to grow the economy: do the opposite of what Democrats are doing. Let Americans keep more of their hard-earned money so they can grow the economy naturally from the bottom up. Visit to read Senator Rick Scott’s plan to lower taxes, cut wasteful spending, and let Americans – not Washington politicians – grow the economy naturally.