Democrats’ Economy: Prices Rise, Wages Fall

Washington, D.C. – As we approach vacation season, Floridians are going to be faced with tough decisions like whether to take a family vacation or put food on the table. Overall inflation is up 5%, eggs are up 36%, and airline fares are up over 17%. Meanwhile, wages aren’t keeping up. Real average hourly wages are down nearly 1%.

Florida families struggling to make ends meet can thank Democrats in Washington for the tough decisions ahead. They believe that more government spending is the answer, but they’re wrong. Floridians should keep more of their hard-earned tax dollars instead of sending that money to Washington. We all know that wasting tax dollars is the only thing Democrats are good at.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “Democrats are downright bad at economics, but they’re great at spending YOUR tax dollars. Florida families have to make tough decisions while Democrats in Washington waste away their hard-earned dollars. Enough is enough – Democrats’ dumb economics have cost Florida too much. I will keep fighting every day to get Congress to actually pass a budget and be responsible with YOUR money.”