WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: ‘Based,’ Senator Rick Scott Issues Florida Travel Advisory for Socialists

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Senator Rick Scott issued a travel advisory warning that Florida is a hostile state for socialists, communists, and all that enable them. The travel advisory is a direct response to the Biden Administration’s attempts to erase capitalism and the system that has brought prosperity to Florida.

Here’s what they’re saying about Senator Scott’s urgent travel advisory:

Sen. Mike Lee: “Based.”

Fox News: “Sen. Scott responds to NAACP’s Florida ‘travel advisory’ with one of his own for ‘socialists’”

Washington Times: “Rick Scott goes Ronald Reagan and slays NAACP with humor”

WFLA:Sen. Rick Scott issues travel advisory warning Florida is ‘openly hostile toward Socialists’”

The Floridian:Rick Scott Issues His Own Florida Travel Advisory for ‘Socialists’ and ‘Leftists’”

Daily Mail: “Rick Scott issues his own travel advisory telling ‘socialists and communists’ to keep out of Florida after NAACP warning – as the group’s chairman says he has no plans to leave the state despite telling others it’s not safe”

Washington Examiner:Rick Scott mocks NAACP with travel advisory for socialists heading to Florida”

WPTV: Sen. Rick Scott issues travel advisory for ‘socialists visiting Florida’”