Washington Dems are Using Struggling Floridians to Advance Their Political Agenda, Do Failed Florida Dems Agree?

Washington Dems are Using Struggling Floridians to Advance Their Political Agenda, Do Failed Florida Dems Agree?

Tampa, FL – Last month, Florida communities along the Gulf Coast were devastated by major Hurricane Idalia. Senator Rick Scott introduced the Federal Disaster Responsibility Act bill to make sure the FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund quickly received necessary funding to help Floridians receive the support and resources needed to recover from Hurricane destruction. Common sense, no?

Unfortunately for Washington Democrats it doesn’t seem so. Democrats like Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth immediately voiced their opposition to the bill unless it includes billions of dollars in Ukraine aide as well. And, yesterday, Senate Democrats blocked Senator Scott’s bill to provide relief for Florida families who have been devastated by the hurricane.

There is no disaster that Democrats won’t use as leverage to get what they want in Washington. Do failed Florida Democrats think it’s ok for Washington Democrats to take advantage of Floridians for political purposes? Debbie Mucarsel-Powell already attacked Senator Scott’s bill that would provide relief for Florida families. What do the other failed Florida Democrats think about these political games? Florida families who are struggling to rebuild their lives after the hurricane sure would like to know.

Statement from Communications Director Priscilla Ivasco: “Once again, Democrats choose politics over people. Instead of focusing on assisting thousands of Floridians that have had their lives completely turned upside down following Hurricane Idalia by approving necessary funding in a fast manner, Democrats want to pile as much as they can on to the legislation. We aren’t surprised failed Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell joins Schumer and Pelosi in tying necessary funding for Floridians to funding for Ukraine, where she happened to have a shady oligarch benefactor. Now do the other failed Florida Democrats also fall in line with their party’s tactic that is delaying recovery for Floridians?”


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