Bay of Pigs Veterans Association Endorses Senator Rick Scott

Bay of Pigs Veterans Association Endorses Senator Rick Scott

Miami, FL – Today, the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association announced their endorsement of Senator Rick Scott’s Senate re-election campaign. The Bay of Pigs Veterans Association was founded to maintain and strengthen the unity of the brave soldiers who fought against the Communist dictatorship in Cuba. They also work to defend the values of democracy, liberty, and human rights.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “It’s a big honor to be endorsed by the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association. This group bravely fought against the Communist Cuban regime and knows the true meaning of freedom and human dignity. I stand with them in their fight against the Communist Cuban regime.

Unfortunately, the Democrats’ policy is sadly about empowering and legitimizing dictatorships.  We saw it with Obama.  And, we are seeing it with Joe Biden who has chosen a policy of weak appeasement that only emboldens brutal regimes across the world.  Since Biden has been in the White House, he has weakened sanctions on Cuba and reversed much of the great work that was achieved under President Trump’s Administration. I was proud to introduce a resolution to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the Bay of Pigs operation and honor the brave members of the Assault Brigade 2506. We must never forget their sacrifices and continue to fight back against all forms of Communism in our country and around the world.”

Statement from Bay of Pigs Veterans Association President Rafael Montalvo: “The Bay of Pigs veteran’s association, Brigade 2506, has lived and died defending Freedom. The brigade believes in God, Country, Family, all experienced in a democratic environment by free citizens. The Brigade has known Senator Rick Scott, a frequent visitor to our museum, for many years, we have spent hours in conversation with him. We are living in a time that sees our country of birth slowly dying at the hands of a tyranny and we are living in this Great Nation that is our adopted country at a time that all of those values that we fought for, and we live for are threatened. We know Rick Scott, he is a good man, and we think Senator Rick Scott will fight the good fight for those values we share in common. Brigade 2506 endorses Senator Rick Scott for reelection.”


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