Biden Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Communist China

Biden Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Communist China

Tampa, FL – Today, Joe Biden will continue his Chinese appeasement campaign as he rolls out the red carpet for Chinese Communist Party dictator Xi Jinping. Democrats are so intent on pleasing Xi that they magically found a way to clean up San Francisco ahead of his visit. They don’t want Xi to be forced to walk on the filthy streets of Democrat-run San Francisco like Americans having been doing for years.

Communist China has chosen to be our enemy, and their actions over the past few years make that clear. China recently hacked 60,000 State Department emails. They flew a spy balloon over sensitive US military bases. They bully our allies in West Philippines Sea. They use TikTok to collect our data and spy on Americans. And they’ve committed countless human rights violations on Chinese citizens.

What has Joe Biden done to stand up to Communist China? Absolutely nothing. In fact, he granted the Chinese foreign minister a “courtesy meeting” before the Chinese dictator would meet with Biden. Yet, Joe Biden didn’t have time to attend yesterday’s March for Israel. You wouldn’t find a better definition for appeasement if you looked it up in the dictionary.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “Joe Biden’s appeasement of Communist China is embarrassing and dangerous. He’s sent numerous administration officials to Communist China to bend the knee to Xi. Now, Biden is set to embarrass our country yet again right here on U.S. soil. He’s refused to hold Communist China accountable for covering up the origins of COVID-19. He’s done nothing to push back on Xi’s forced labor, child slavery and genocide of millions of Uyghur Muslims. He allowed a Chinese spy balloon to fly over our sensitive military bases. Joe Biden grants the Chinese Communist Party ‘courtesy meetings’ but he couldn’t find the courtesy to show up at the March for Israel yesterday to support Israel and the Jewish community.

It’s been one act of appeasement after the other since the day Joe Biden took office. He even VETOED my bill that would stop Chinese solar companies from bypassing U.S. trade laws. You would think that Biden is running for a position in Xi’s cabinet for all he’s done for the Communist dictator. Biden’s willingness to appease Communist China is dangerous and disqualifying. This is why next year’s election is critical for the future of our country. We need to take back the Senate and defeat Joe Biden so we can send a message to the Chinese Communist Party that their days of walking all over America are over.”


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