Joe Biden Welcomes Chinese Communist Dictator With Open Arms

Joe Biden Welcomes Chinese Communist Dictator With Open Arms

Tampa, FL – Yesterday, Joe Biden rolled out the red carpet for Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. The streets of San Francisco were miraculously cleaned up, Biden’s Treasury Secretary applauded Xi as he arrived, and Joe Biden shared fond memories of the Communist dictator.

Yesterday’s meeting was an embarrassing, but unsurprising, display of Communist China appeasement by Joe Biden. The dictator of Communist China, or any foreign dictator for that matter, should not receive the red-carpet treatment when they come to the United States. The Chinese Communist dictator is a bully that has a long record of human rights abuses. Unfortunately, this is par for the course for Joe Biden. He has never stood up to China and yesterday was no different.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “I do not trust a word that Xi Jinping says, and neither should any American including Joe Biden. Actions speak louder than words. And Communist China’s actions have told us that they choose to be our enemy. Fentanyl produced in China has killed thousands of Americans. The Chinese spy app TikTok collects Americans’ sensitive data and poisons the minds of our children. Yet, Joe Biden rolled out the red carpet and allowed Xi to spew nonsense with no pushback whatsoever.

Joe Biden has made it clear that he will never stand up to Communist China. Next year’s election will determine the future of our country. Joe Biden’s weak leadership and appeasement of Communist China is dangerous. If we want to protect Americans and hold China accountable, we need to take back the Senate and kick Joe Biden out of office.”


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