Biden’s Green New Deal Agenda: Good for Communist China, Bad for America

Biden’s Green New Deal Agenda: Good for Communist China, Bad for America

Tampa, FL – Last week, after meeting with China’s Communist dictator, Joe Biden announced that he made a deal with Communist China to curb US fossil fuel production. This pact is a boon for Communist China and a bust for hard-working Americans across the country. China is one of the world’s largest polluters and Joe Biden is wrong if he believes they are going to change that. He’s risking Americans’ livelihoods based on the word of the Chinese Communist dictator. This is yet another example of Biden’s full-scale assault on American energy workers.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “American energy workers have suffered immensely under Joe Biden’s Green New Deal Agenda. Joe Biden proudly killed tens of thousands of American energy jobs on his first day in office. Now, he’s making deals with Communist China that would wipe out even more US energy jobs and benefit Communist China’s manufacturing industry. It should scare the hell out of every American that we have a president who is willing to put American jobs on the line based on the word of China’s Communist dictator. This is what you get under Democrat control and every Democrat running for Senate needs to answer if they agree with Biden making deals with Communist China. This is why it is so critical that we take back the Senate and defeat Joe Biden next year before it’s too late.”

Joe Biden has been waging war on American energy since the day he took office. One of his first actions as president was to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, wiping out thousands of American energy jobs.  And he proposed billions in new tax hikes on the fossil fuel industry. Unsurprisingly, these anti-American energy policies caused gas prices to skyrocket and made it more expensive for Americans to heat their homes.

Instead of unleashing American energy to bring down gas and heating prices, Biden begged countries like Saudi Arabia to produce more oil. He’d rather be dependent on foreign countries to lower US gas prices than boost US oil and gas production.


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