NEW POLL: America is Fed Up With Democrat Leadership

NEW POLL: America is Fed Up With Democrat Leadership

Tampa, FL – Americans are overwhelmingly unhappy with Joe Biden’s leadership according to a new NBC poll. Only 40% of Americans approve of Joe Biden and a whopping 62% disapprove of Biden’s handling of foreign policy. And only 19% of Americans polled said they are confident that their children will be better off than they are – an all-time low for this poll question. Americans also trust Republicans over Democrats to handle numerous important issues.

It’s not difficult to see why Americans resoundingly disapprove of Joe Biden and Democrats. Prices are sky high, our Southern Border is wide open, there is a land war in Europe, and the Middle East is in chaos. There isn’t much for Americans to be optimistic about under Joe Biden. Last month, Senator Scott released an ad addressing these issues and it is currently on television across Florida.

Statement from Senator Rick Scott: “If Ronald Reagan were here today, he’d wonder what the hell happened to our country. Joe Biden and Senate Democrats destroyed our economy, opened our borders, and made America weaker on the world stage. Biden coddles Communist dictators like Xi Jinping and refuses to hold Communist China accountable. Americans are fed up with Joe Biden’s weak leadership and they want change. I’m optimistic that we can turn our country around. The first step on the road back to a prosperous America is making Joe Biden a one term president, getting Trump back in the White House, and electing a Republican majority in the Senate. We’ve all seen the results of Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer’s leadership – it’s time for a change.”


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