Senator Rick Scott Secures 20 More Florida Legislator Endorsements; Totaling More Than 100

Senator Rick Scott Secures 20 More Florida Legislator Endorsements; Totaling More Than 100

Tampa, FL – Today, Senator Rick Scott announced the endorsement of 20 more Florida Legislators for his re-election to the U.S. Senate. This comes after Senator Scott announced the support of more than 80 lawmakers at an event last week in Tallahassee. Senator Scott has proudly worked alongside many of these dedicated public servants for more than a decade and is honored to have their support. In addition to these legislators, Senator Scott has been endorsed by 60 Florida Sheriffs, the Florida Police Chiefs Association, the Florida Association of State Troopers, dozens of statewide organizations, and President Donald Trump. A full list of endorsements can be found here.

Please see the full list of lawmaker endorsements below.

Florida State Senators:

  • Senate President Kathleen Passidomo
  • Senate President-Designate Ben Albritton
  • Senator Doug Broxson
  • Senator Jay Trumbull
  • Senator Corey Simon
  • Senator Clay Yarborough
  • Senator Jennifer Bradley
  • Senator Travis Hutson
  • Senator Tom Wright
  • Senator Keith Perry
  • Senator Jason Brodeur
  • Senator Colleen Burton
  • Senator Dennis Baxley
  • Senator Jay Collins
  • Senator Nick DiCeglie
  • Senator Debbie Mayfield
  • Senator Jim Boyd
  • Senator Ed Hooper
  • Senator Joe Gruters
  • Senator Danny Burgess
  • Senator Erin Grall
  • Senator Gayle Harrell
  • Senator Jonathan Martin
  • Senator Ileana Garcia
  • Senator Alexis Calatayud
  • Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez


Florida State Representatives:

  • Speaker Paul Renner
  • Speaker-Designate Danny Perez
  • Representative  Michelle Salzman
  • Representative  Alex Andrade
  • Representative  Dr. Joel Rudman
  • Representative  Patt Maney
  • Representative  Shane Abbott
  • Representative  Phillip Griffitt
  • Representative  Jason Shoaf
  • Representative  Chuck Brannan III
  • Representative  Sam Garrison
  • Representative  Wyman Duggan
  • Representative  Dean Black
  • Representative  Jessica Baker
  • Representative  Bobby Payne
  • Representative  Chuck Clemons, Sr.
  • Representative  Ralph Massullo
  • Representative  Ryan Chamberlin
  • Representative  Taylor Yarkosky
  • Representative  Stan McClain
  • Representative  Tom Leek
  • Representative  Chase Tramont
  • Representative  Tyler Sirois
  • Representative  Thad Altman
  • Representative  Randy Fine
  • Representative  Robbie Brackett
  • Representative  Rachel Plakon
  • Representative  David Smith
  • Representative  Doug Bankson
  • Representative  Carolina Amesty
  • Representative  Paula Stark
  • Representative  Sam Killebrew
  • Representative  Melony Bell
  • Representative  Jennifer Canady
  • Representative  Josie Tomkow
  • Representative  John Temple
  • Representative  Jeff Holcomb
  • Representative  Randy Maggard
  • Representative  Kevin Steele
  • Representative  Brad Yeager
  • Representative  Adam Anderson
  • Representative  Berny Jacques
  • Representative  Linda Chaney
  • Representative  Karen Pittman
  • Representative  Traci Koster
  • Representative  Lawrence McClure
  • Representative  Danny Alvarez
  • Representative  Mike Beltran
  • Representative  Will Robinson, Jr.
  • Representative  Tommy Gregory
  • Representative  Fiona McFarland
  • Representative  James Buchanan
  • Representative  Michael Grant
  • Representative  Spencer Roach
  • Representative  Tiffany Esposito
  • Representative  Jenna Persons-Mulicka
  • Representative  Mike Giallombardo
  • Representative  Adam Botana
  • Representative  Bob Rommel
  • Representative  Lauren Melo
  • Representative  Kaylee Tuck
  • Representative  Toby Overdorf
  • Representative  John Snyder
  • Representative  Mike Caruso
  • Representative  Peggy Gossett-Seidman
  • Representative  Rick Roth
  • Representative  Chip LaMarca
  • Representative  Tom Fabricio
  • Representative  David Borrero
  • Representative  Alex Rizo
  • Representative  Vicki Lopez
  • Representative  Alina Garcia
  • Representative  Mike Redondo
  • Representative  Juan Porras
  • Representative  Jim Mooney, Jr.



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