Sen. Rick Scott Receives Major Statewide Endorsements

Sen. Rick Scott Receives Major Statewide Endorsements

Highlighted “Farmers for Rick Scott” Coalition today

Dover, FL – Today, Senator Rick Scott announced major endorsements for his re-election campaign from Florida’s agriculture and state leaders, including Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Wilton Simpson, at an event at Parkesdale Farm. During the event, Senator Scott also highlighted his “Farmers for Rick Scott” coalition, made up of supporters who want to see Senator Scott continue the fight in Washington to ensure Florida’s farmers, growers and ranchers have the resources they need to succeed.

Florida Agriculture groups supporting Senator Scott include:

  • Florida Farm Bureau
  • Florida Citrus Mutual
  • Florida Forestry Association
  • Cedar Key Aquaculture Association

Florida state leaders backing Senator Scott include:

  • Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Wilton Simpson
  • Florida Senator Jay Collins, Agriculture Committee Chair
  • Florida Representative Danny Alvarez, representing Florida’s 69th House District
  • Congresswoman Laurel Lee, representing Florida’s 15th Congressional District
  • Plant City Commissioner Jason Jones
  • Hillsborough County Commissioner Mike Owen

Senator Rick Scott said, “It’s a great honor to be endorsed by Commissioner Wilton Simpson, Congresswoman Lee, Senator Jay Collins, Florida Representative Danny Alvarez, Plant City Commissioner Jason Jones and Hillsborough Commissioner Mike Owens. I’m also honored to have the support of so many statewide groups that represent the best agriculture industry in the world. In Florida, we lead the way when it comes to agriculture – a critical industry that provides good-paying jobs to hundreds of thousands of Floridians and fuels our state economy. In recent years, our great farmers, ranchers, and growers have faced numerous hardships, from citrus greening to natural disasters, and it’s imperative that we continue to do everything we can to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed.

“As Governor and now as Senator, my job is to fight to get bureaucracy out of the way and make sure our critical industries can thrive. Right now, Joe Biden and the Democrats in Washington are holding up critical aid for Florida farmers. I’m not going to stop fighting for common sense legislation, like my Block Grant Assistance Act and Hurricane Tax Relief Act, and for reforms to USDA disaster relief programs so they actually work for Florida and farmers across the nation. I am proud to be a partner in Washington for our farmers, growers and ranchers and I will never stop the fight Make Washington Work to support Florida’s agricultural industry and the many families and businesses who depend on its success.”

As Governor, Senator Scott:

  • Worked with the state legislature to invest millions in state resources to prevent citrus greening.
  • Worked to make sure the agriculture industry was able to recover through various interest-free emergency loans and state and federal funding after devastating natural disasters.
  • Allocated $81 million to preserve over 50,000 acres of land for agricultural use.

As U.S. Senator, Rick Scott has and will continue to champion efforts to protect Florida’s farmers and ranchers.

Senator Scott will continue to:

  • Aggressively fight to pass his Block Grant Assistance Act. This critical legislation provides authority for the USDA to issue block grants to Florida’s growers and devastated by recent natural disasters. The Democrats blocked this bill multiple times because it did not include funding for Ukraine. The Democrats continue to play politics with this urgently needed legislation, which is wrong.
  • Fight to pass his Hurricane Tax Relief Act, which would provide disaster-loss tax relief to families in 51 Florida counties and Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricanes Ian, Nicole and Fiona.
  • Fight for important measures in the Farm Bill that actually help Florida’s agriculture community but don’t add another layer of unnecessary bureaucracy from the federal government. Government has to get out of the way and allow agricultural industries to thrive.
  • Reform USDA disaster relief programs to work for Florida.
  • Fight for legislation that takes on China and protects American supply chains with his Foreign Adversary Risk Management (FARM) Act. This critical legislation will bring more oversight and scrutiny to foreign investment, support our national agriculture supply chain and enhance food security across the country.
  • Lead the fight in the Senate to pass a ban on Communist China and other adversaries from buying U.S. farmland. Senator Scott’s Countering Corrupt Political Influence Act(CCP Influence Act) builds upon efforts by the Trump Administration and increases requirements of Chinese Communist Party officials in the U.S. conducting government business. Individuals and entities tied to the evil government of Communist China continue to buy American farmland, and Senator Scott will aggressively look at any and all actions to protect American interests.
  • Demand the Department of Commerce terminate the 2019 suspension agreement and end Mexico’s tomato dumping, which is devasting Florida farmers and forcing them out of business.
  • Fight the Democrats’ socialist agenda and tax increases that will kill the American dream and hurt family farms.
  • Hold the Biden Administration, the Democrats, and the President accountable for their failure to support the agriculture industry.

Florida leaders backing Senator Scott:

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Wilton Simpson said, “Rick Scott’s commitment to economic prosperity, personal freedom and fiscal responsibility here at home and in our nation’s capital puts him in a league of his own as a once-in-a-generation kind of leader.

As Governor, he challenged the status quo and laid the groundwork for the economic, education and environmental success Floridians are experiencing today. He created an infrastructure for job creation in our state that allowed Florida’s small and large businesses alike to survive a global pandemic. While other states work to undo decades of mismanagement, Florida builds on the solid foundation he put in place.

As a United States Senator, he has held the line against Washington excess, stood up to dangerous policies, and injected some good old fashioned Florida common sense into a town desperately in short supply.

Rick Scott is as good a public servant as he is a successful businessman because he understands both are required for you to build something that creates access to opportunity for all, lends a hand to those in need, rewards hard work, and values the role community and family play in everything we do.

I’m proud to have served alongside Rick Scott and honored to endorse my friend for the United States Senate because Floridians deserve a voice in Washington who will continue to fight for us.”

Senator Jay Collins said, “As we all work to stabilize, revitalize, and grow Florida’s agriculture community after recent natural disasters, Senator Scott has been leading the charge to ensure the federal government keeps showing up. Food security is national security, and our growers and ranchers keep food on our table. Agriculture is the heartbeat of Florida’s economy, and I’m glad we have someone in Washington who keeps this community top of mind. I look forward to Senator Scott serving another term as our U.S. Senator.”

Congresswoman Laurel Lee said, “I am proud to endorse Senator Rick Scott for another term in the Senate. I am honored to have been appointed by then Governor Scott to serve as a Circuit Court Judge in Florida’s Thirteenth Judicial Court and to serve in the Florida delegation with him. We’ve worked closely together to hold the Biden administration accountable for failing Floridians, especially when it comes to getting our farmers the aid they deserve. Floridians are lucky to have Senator Scott fighting for them in Washington, and I have no doubt that he will continue to fight for our state and our legendary agriculture community when he’s re-elected in November.”

Plant City Commissioner Jason Jones said, “I am excited to endorse Senator Rick Scott for re-election to the U.S. Senate. I can always count on Senator Scott to answer the call for Plant City. Senator Scott is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work on issues important to Plant City and the Sunshine State. He has a strong track record of support for Florida’s farmers and growers. I’m happy to endorse Senator Scott and look forward to having him back in Washington representing the great state of Florida for 6 more years.”

Hillsborough County Commissioner Mike Owen said“I am happy to endorse Senator Rick Scott’s re-election to the Senate. Senator Scott has always been there for local leaders in Hillsborough and beyond. He is the fighter we need in Washington for Florida small businesses and our important agriculture community. It’s been a pleasure to work with Senator Scott on behalf of Hillsborough County and I’m proud to endorse him. We need to do everything we can to keep him in Washington for another term as our U.S. Senator.”

Florida Agriculture groups supporting Senator Scott:

Florida Farm Bureau President Jeb Smith said, “Senator Scott understands the challenges that face our industry and has been a fierce advocate on many issues.  He has led the charge in the United States Senate on the bipartisan Block Grant Assistance Act.  This legislation provides authority for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to issue block grants to Florida’s growers negatively impacted by natural disasters. When it comes to the Farm Bill, Senator Scott is making sure the voice of Florida farmers and ranchers are heard.  He brought the Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, John Boozman, to Florida last fall to meet with our growers and see firsthand the bounty that is Florida agriculture.

Senator Scott recently met with the Florida Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors.  His concern for our country and his vision for a brighter Florida aligns with the values of our organization. I am proud to announce that the Florida Farm Bureau FedPAC strongly supports Senator Rick Scott’s campaign for reelection.  Thank you again, Senator, for all your tireless efforts in supporting our farmers, ranchers, and the great State of Florida!”

Florida Citrus Mutual: 

“The Florida citrus industry has a champion in Senator Rick Scott. As Governor and now in Washington, Senator Scott has advocated for relief from hurricanes, research to fight pests and disease, and funding for conservation,” said Mathew “Matt” Joyner, Vice President and CEO of Florida Citrus Mutual. “We proudly stand beside Senator Scott’s reelection bid to the U.S. Senate, knowing he will continue to be a strong advocate for preserving our iconic industry and its vital role in the Sunshine State’s economy.”

Florida Forestry Association: 

“On behalf of the 1450 members of the Florida Forestry Association, I am pleased to announce our endorsement of Senator Rick Scott’s re-election campaign to represent Florida in the United States Senate,” said Florida Forestry Association President Jimmy Bielling. “Senator Scott’s support of forestry has shown itself strong since his days as governor of our great state. Senator Scott truly understands forestry’s importance on both economic and environmental levels. Strengthening Florida’s greenbelt law, which allowed tree farmers to afford to continue to grow trees, is just one example of the steps he took to keep forestry sustainable.

As our U.S. senator in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, which struck a devastating blow to forestry in the Panhandle, Senator Scott’s leadership in recovery and restoration efforts could not have been greater or more appreciated. In addition, Senator Scott has always stood with small business owners, such as many of those who work in forestry. He is known for providing the voice of reason as important and far-reaching points of policy that affect their well-being are made. Senator Scott can always be counted on to act in the best interest of our state and its people. For that, we are grateful. And in return, we offer our support as Senator Scott work towards his goal of serving Florida once more as our senator.”


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