Debbie Falls in Line on Ending Filibuster

Debbie Falls in Line on Ending Filibuster

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TAMPA, Fla. – This week, former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who is in a heated Democrat primary for U.S. Senate, suggested she would be willing to “pause” the filibuster in the Senate.

In an interview with MSNBC, Mucarsel-Powell said, “for certain issues, I am very much in favor of pausing the filibuster.”

The Biden-endorsed candidate, who is broke and “screwed” in her primary according to recent reporting, refused to say whether she believes the filibuster should be permanently ended, or if she just believes in suspending it whenever she feels like it.

Mucarsel-Powell’s close friends in the Squad, who Mucarsel-Powell voted with 94%+ of the time, have been very clear about their desire to end the filibuster in order to pass their radical agenda, including the Green New Deal and allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections.

Pausing or ending the filibuster is also a central focus of Chuck Schumer, and it is clear Mucarsel-Powell is willing to become a rubber stamp for the New York Majority Leader if he continues to support her flailing campaign.

Statement from Team Rick Scott Spokesman Will Hampson: “Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell has shown she’s desperate enough to become a rubber stamp for radical Democrats if they continue to support her up-in-flames senate campaign. She wants to do the Squad’s bidding in the senate and work with them to end the filibuster and pass their socialist agenda. Rep. Mucarsel-Powell should be honest with the voters of Florida about where she stands on the filibuster. Should it be ‘paused’ to allow illegal aliens to vote in our elections? Should it be ‘paused’ to pass the Green New Deal? What about to stack the Supreme Court or eliminate the Electoral College? Should we get rid of it permanently or only pause it when Chuck Schumer tells her to? Be honest with the people of Florida about where you draw the line on ‘pausing’ democracy, Congresswoman.”



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