Senator Rick Scott Unveils Statewide TV Ad on Commitment to Protect IVF

Senator Rick Scott Unveils Statewide TV Ad on Commitment to Protect IVF

Rick Scott for Senate

Tampa, Fla. – Today, Senator Rick Scott announced a seven-figure, statewide ad buy that will air on Florida TV and digital platforms across the state. In the ad, Senator Scott explains why protecting access to IVF is personal for him and sets the record straight on Democrats’ lies about Republicans on IVF and contraceptives. Senator Scott is leading the fight in the Senate against Democrats’ lies and ensuring Americans know where Republicans stand on these critical issues.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I refuse to let any Democrat try to lie about my stance on IVF and contraceptives in their desperate attempt to try to win an election. The Democrats can’t run on the economy because Biden killed it. They can’t run on safe communities because they have let hundreds of thousands of criminals cross the border illegally. They can’t run on strengthening our military because they are trying to make it woke and care more about supporting terrorist sympathizers on college campuses who hate Jewish people, so they resort to lying. Let’s be clear – the Democrats are the radical ones on these issues. Our leadership in the Senate refuses to fight and allows Schumer, Biden and radical Democrats to define us and our positions time and time again. I’m done with that and that’s why I’m fighting back so we can win in Florida, win back the Senate and get President Trump back in the White House.”

Click HERE or the screenshot below to watch the ad.

Ad transcript:

“Politics today is just full of it. Attack ads say the same crazy stuff about every Republican. They hate women, birth control, even IVF. It’s ridiculous. Let’s get real: IVF, In vitro fertilization, has brought beautiful babies to so many families.

“For me it’s personal. My youngest daughter has been undergoing IVF treatments to grow her family. I’m Rick Scott, and this grandpa will always protect IVF. You can count on that. I approve this message.”


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