100+ Florida State Lawmakers

100+ Florida State Lawmakers

Senator Rick Scott was joined by Florida state lawmakers to announce the endorsement of 93 Florida legislators for his re-election to the United States Senate. Senator Scott has proudly worked alongside many of these dedicated public servants for more than a decade and is honored to have their support. In addition to these legislators, Senator Scott has been endorsed by 60 Florida Sheriffs, the Florida Police Chiefs Association, the Florida Association of State Troopers, dozens of statewide organizations, and President Donald Trump. A full list of endorsements can be found here.

“As Governor, I had the opportunity to work alongside many of these legislators to make Florida the best state in the nation to find a great job and build a business, live in a safe neighborhood, and receive a world-class education,” said Sen. Rick Scott. “Now, as Florida’s U.S. Senator, I am working with our state legislative leaders to make sure Washington works for each of their communities. Whether it is working with these leaders to help Floridians recover after storms or connect their constituents with resources at the VA or passports services, I will continue to work with all of our state and local leaders to make sure Washington is serving Florida’s families. I am honored to receive the endorsement of this group of public servants today and look forward to our continued partnership to best serve the communities they represent.”

Legislators Endorsing Senator Rick Scott

“Senator Rick Scott has been a tremendous leader in Tallahassee and in Washington. He successfully led our state out of the great recession and worked hard to keep Florida the best place to live, work, raise a family, start or grow a business, and retire with dignity. I have worked closely with him for many years, and I am proud of all we have achieved together from tax cuts for families, critical investments for our environment and helping families recover from hurricanes. He is a close personal friend, a neighbor in my home community of Naples, and the right leader to keep fighting for Florida in the U.S. Senate. I am proud to endorse him for re-election and look forward to continuing to work together for Floridians.” – Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo

“I’m excited to announce my endorsement of Senator Rick Scott. I have worked with Senator Scott for over a decade and have been amazed at how dedicated he is to serving Florida. He’s been up in Washington fighting to make Washington work for Florida. When he’s re-elected, I know he will continue his tireless work on behalf of Floridians.” Florida House Speaker Paul Renner

“Rick Scott has a proven record of creating jobs and powering our economy forward in the Sunshine State. As our U.S. Senator, he’s fighting back against the liberal agenda, working to secure our borders and standing up for freedom and family values. I am proud to support Senator Rick Scott for reelection.” Florida Senate President-Designate Ben Albritton

“I am proud to stand with Rick Scott in his re-election for the U.S. Senate. Rick Scott was one of Florida’s best governors, whether it was disaster preparedness and response, economic prosperity and growth, or continuing to further the conservative and family first agenda. Rick Scott made Florida the best state to live, work and raise a family, and we need him to continue to fight for us and the entire country in Washington.” Florida HouseSpeaker-Designate Daniel Perez

Tampa Bay Region

“Senator Rick Scott has been a great partner to me, assisting residents in my district and answering calls from my staff when issues arise. Senator Scott’s team won an award for best constituent services in Congress because he is committed to helping every Floridian. I was proud to be one of Rick Scott’s first supporters in 2010 when he ran for Governor, and I proudly endorse him for six more years of exceptional service to Floridians.” Senator Joe Gruters, FL Senate District 22

“I am proud to be endorsing Senator Rick Scott, a Navy veteran, for re-election. Senator Scott has always supported our nation’s heroes and their families. As Governor and now as our U.S. Senator, he has remained committed to serving those who served us. The policy reforms he has made in Washington and in our great state are pro-American and pro-family and fostered opportunities for all. A strong family man and dedicated public servant, we need more people like him fighting for us in D.C. I am happy to have him representing our state in Washington.” – Senator Danny Burgess, FL Senate District 23

“As a 23-year retired Army Green Beret, I fully understand the inherent cost of protecting the freedoms of our great nation. I know how important it is to stand up for our great American values. As a fellow veteran, I know that Senator Rick Scott has those same beliefs instilled in him, and I fully trust that he will continue his fight in Washington DC. Senator Scott has been resolute in standing against the Washington elite who wish to diminish our American Dream. I am proud to stand with him and endorse him for re-election, so he can continue his fight to defend the values our heroes have fought and died for.” – Senator Jay Collins, FL Senate District 13

  • Senator Nick DiCeglie, FL Senate District 18
  • Senator Debbie Mayfield, FL Senate District 19
  • Senator Jim Boyd, FL Senate District 20
  • Senator Ed Hooper, FL Senate District 21
  • Representative Melony Bell, FL House District 49
  • Representative Jennifer Canady, FL House District 50
  • Representative John Temple, FL House District 52
  • Representative Jeff Holcomb, FL House District 53
  • Representative Randy Maggard, FL House District 54
  • Representative Kevin Steele, FL House District 55
  • Representative Brad Yeager, FL House District 56
  • Representative Berny Jacques, FL House District 59
  • Representative Linda Chaney, FL House District 61
  • Representative Karen Pittman, FL House District 65
  • Representative Lawrence McClure, FL House District 68
  • Representative Danny Alvarez, FL House District 69
  • Representative Mike Beltran, FL House District 70
  • Representative Will Robinson Jr., FL House District 71
  • Representative Tommy Gregory, FL House District 72
  • Representative Fiona McFarland, FL House District 73
  • Representative James Buchanan, FL House District 74

Miami Region

“As Governor, and now Senator, Rick Scott always puts Florida first. In Washington, he has presented strong policies and delivered on his campaign promises. I am happy to endorse him for re-election.” Senator Ileana Garcia, FL Senate District 36

“The people of Florida deserve consistency from Government, and that’s exactly what they’ve gotten from Senator Rick Scott. During his time as Governor and now in Washington, he has focused on driving policy that helps our economy grow. I got to work with him when he was Governor, and I was student body president of FIU. I appreciate all he did to hold the line on tuition to ensure students could get a low cost, quality education in Florida. I am happy to endorse him for re-election.” – Senator Alexis Calatayud, Senate District 38

“From Pensacola to Key West, Senator Rick Scott has made sure that our communities are equipped for success. He always answers the call when our communities need assistance and ensures that Floridians have the best quality of life. I am endorsing him as the best candidate to represent my community and look forward to keeping him in the Senate this November.” – Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, Senate District 40

  • Representative Tom Fabricio, FL House District 110
  • Representative David Borrero, FL House District 111
  • Representative Alex Rizzo, FL House District 112
  • Representative Vicki Lopez, FL House District 113
  • Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera, FL House District 114
  • Representative Alina Garcia, FL House District 115
  • Representative Daniel Perez, FL House District 116
  • Representative Mike Redondo, FL House District 118
  • Representative Juan Porras, FL House District 119
  • Representative Jim Mooney Jr., FL House District 120

West Palm Beach Region

“I worked with Senator Rick Scott during his eight years as Governor, and he has always been a great partner and advocate for Florida’s communities. He understands how important health and safety are for Floridians to lead successful lives. Our state is thriving thanks to Senator Scott’s actions as Governor, and he needs to continue working in Washington to help Floridians and Americans succeed. I am proudly endorsing him for re-election.” Senator Gayle Harrell, FL Senate District 31

  • Representative Toby Overdorf, FL House District 85
  • Representative John Snyder, FL House District 86
  • Representative Mike Caruso, FL House District 87
  • Representative Peggy Gossett-Seidman, FL House District 91
  • Representative Rick Roth, FL House District 94
  • Representative Chip LaMarca, FL House District 100

Orlando Region

“I am honored to endorse Rick Scott for re-election. As someone who is not afraid to take on the establishment, he has delivered big wins for Florida, a rare sighting in Washington. We need more lawmakers like Rick Scott in Washington.”  – Senator Tom Wright, FL Senate District 8

“As a leader, Senator Rick Scott understands the reforms that Florida needs to uplift its residents. During his time as Governor, he worked hard to make Florida the best place to live, work, and raise a family. As a business owner and husband, I recognized the work he put in to create meaningful jobs for our state to thrive. Many of the policies that I have been able to implement in the Florida Legislature were secured overtime thanks to Senator Scott’s continued support. I am proudly endorsing him for re-election.” – Senator Jason Brodeur, FL Senate District 10

“In Florida, we must fight to protect faith, family, freedom, opportunity, and life itself. It has been an honor to work with Senator Rick Scott in Washington and as Governor to safeguard our fundamental rights as Floridians. His exceptional leadership positioned Florida to become the powerhouse that it is today. I am proudly endorsing him for re-election so that Florida can continue to be the best place to live and raise a family.” – Senator Dennis Baxley, FL Senate District 13

  • Senator Colleen Burton, FL Senate District 12
  • Senator Debbie Mayfield, FL Senate District 19
  • Senator Erin Grall, FL Senate District 29
  • Representative Taylor Yarkosky, FL House District 25
  • Representative Stan McClain, FL House District 27
  • Representative Tom Leek, FL House District 28
  • Representative Chase Tramont, FL House District 30 
  • Representative Tyler Sirois, FL House District 31
  • Representative Thad Altman, FL House District 32
  • Representative Randy Fine, FL House District 33
  • Representative Robbie Brackett, FL House District 34
  • Representative Rachel Plankon, FL House District 36
  • Representative Doug Bankson, FL House District 39
  • Representative Carolina Amesty, FL House District 45
  • Representative Paula Stark, FL House District 47
  • Representative Kaylee Tuck, FL House District 83

Jacksonville Region

“Senator Rick Scott was a great Governor who served the people and supported my law-and-order proposals for reforms that keep our streets safe. He has always been a staunch supporter of law enforcement, recognizing and honoring officers in communities across the state, and especially in Northeast Florida. I proudly endorse him for re-election and know that he will continue to protect and serve the people of Florida in Washington.” – Senator Travis Hutson, FL Senate District 7

  • Senator Clay Yarborough, FL Senate District 4
  • Senator Jennifer Bradley, FL Senate District 6
  • Representative Chuck Brannan III, FL House District 10
  • Representative Sam Garrison, FL House District 11
  • Representative Wyman Duggan, FL House District 12
  • Representative Dean Black, FL House District 15
  • Representative Jessica Baker, FL House District 17
  • Representative Bobby Payne, FL House District 20

Fort Myers – Naples Region

“Senator Rick Scott has fought to protect Florida’s communities from the disastrous policies of the Left. Floridians need a fighter in Washington to protect our God-given rights. I am proud to endorse him for re-election so he can continue his fight for smarter and restrained federal government – as our Founders intended.” Senator Jonathan Martin, FL Senate District 33

  • Representative Michael Grant, FL House District 75
  • Representative Spencer Roach, FL House District 76
  • Representative Tiffany Esposito, FL House District 77
  • Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka, FL House District 78
  • Representative Mike Giallombardo, FL House District 79
  • Representative Adam Botana, FL House District 80
  • Representative Bob Rommel, FL House District 81
  • Representative Lauren Melo, FL House District 82

Gainesville Region

“Senator Rick Scott was a great partner as Governor, signing into law all the common-sense bills that were sent to his desk. I was happy to work with him to institute many reforms to improve public safety in Florida, including banning texting while driving. I am proud to endorse him for re-election to reinforce his dedication to our state and the great partnership I have with him in Washington.” – Senator Keith Perry, FL Senate District 9

  • Representative Chuck Clemons Sr., FL House District 22
  • Representative Ralph Massullo, FL House District 23
  • Representative Ryan Chamberlin, FL House District 24
  • Representative Stan McClain, FL House District 27

Pensacola – Panama City Region

  • Senator Doug Broxson, FL Senate District 1
  • Senator Jay Trumbull, FL Senate District 2
  • Representative Michelle Salzman, FL House District 1
  • Representative Alex Andrade, FL House District 2
  • Representative Dr. Joel Rudman, FL House District 3
  • Representative Phillip Griffitt, FL House District 6


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