Puerto Rican Leaders

Puerto Rican Leaders

ORLANDO, Fla. – Today, Senator Rick Scott rolled out the “Puerto Ricans for Rick Scott” coalition and announced endorsements from Puerto Rican leaders. The Puerto Rican leaders endorsed Senator Scott for his continued efforts to support freedom around the world, as well as his commitment to supporting Puerto Rican families in Florida before and after Hurricane Maria. Following the event, Senator Scott joined the leaders for the annual Florida Puerto Rican Parade and Festival in Orlando.

Since his time as Governor, Senator Scott has worked closely with Puerto Rican leaders to fight for a more prosperous future for the island of Puerto Rico and advocate for Puerto Ricans who call Florida home. As Governor and Senator, he has visited Puerto Rico more than 10 times to support the Island.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I’m proud to announce the ‘Puerto Ricans for Rick Scott’ coalition and am excited it will be chaired by my good friend, former Florida state Representative Bob Cortez. Bob works hard every day to support Puerto Rican families in Florida and I am so excited to have him on our team to help us have a big win in November! It’s also an honor to receive endorsements from so many Puerto Rican leaders today, many of whom I worked closely with during my time as Governor to welcome Puerto Ricans to the Sunshine State. As Senator, I’m fighting every day to ensure Puerto Rican families here in Florida have good paying jobs, live in safe communities, and have every opportunity to live the American dream. I will continue to work alongside these leaders to advocate for Florida’s growing Puerto Rican community.”

Puerto Rican leaders endorsing Senator Rick Scott’s campaign for re-election include:

Former Florida State Representative and Chair of the “Puerto Ricans for Rick Scott” Coalition Bob Cortez said, “Senator Rick Scott has been a good friend and staunch supporter to Puerto Rico. During the hardest times in Puerto Rico’s history, when Hurricane Maria devastated the Island, then-Governor Rick Scott showed his compassion and leadership to helping those on the island and the ones who made Florida their new home. He had been a good friend and advocate. For these reasons he has my unconditional support and endorsement for his re-election campaign. I will work with the Puerto Rican community to make sure Senator Rick Scott is re-elected to another term.”

Former Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño said, “Senator Rick Scott has always been there during the most critical times that Puerto Rico endured. His decisive support for federal aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, as well as on health issues, among others, has demonstrated his commitment to the needs of our people. That’s why I strongly and wholeheartedly support Senator Rick Scott in his campaign for re-election to the U.S. Senate. Both the Hispanic community in Florida and Puerto Ricans on the island should follow a friend like Senator Scott for another term.”

Senator Keren Riquelme said, “Rick Scott is a friend of Puerto Rico; he was one of the first elected officials in the nation to visit our island in those very difficult first days after Hurricane Maria in 2017. Senator Scott was instrumental in the recovery efforts, as well as caring for those Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida in the aftermath of Maria. As a Senator he pushed for full Medicaid reimbursement, as well as credits for affordable housing in Puerto Rico. I have no doubt he will continue to help the U.S. citizens living on the Island in a new term in the Senate”.

Palm Bay Mayor Rob Medina said, “As the first elected Palm Bay Mayor of Puerto Rican descent, I would like to take this opportunity to share my unwavering support for the re-election of my friend, Senator Rick Scott. He is an outstanding conservative aligned with family and faith-based values all Puerto Rican Americans relate with and rally around. I am grateful for his support towards the Army’s 65th Infantry Veterans, the Borinqueneers. Moreover, I admire his fight for veterans throughout our state and nation, in particular in assisting with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Senator Scott was an advocate for Puerto Ricans affected during the devastation of Hurricane Maria, as many found refuge in Florida. I truly believe that Senator Rick Scott is trustworthy and has earned a second term as our United States Senator. He is a true champion of freedom and conservative values for all Floridians.”

Dr. Jose Silva said, “Since the days as Governor of Florida, Senator Rick Scott has supported and helped the Hispanic community, specifically Puerto Ricans. After the devastating Hurricane Maria, he opened up a window that could speed up the process to apply for a Florida medical license. Thanks to this initiative, I have been able to proudly serve the central Florida community for the past six years.”

Dr. Gamaliel Mestre said, “I endorse Senator Rick Scott unconditionally. First, he is a man of principles, morals and values. Secondly, he proved many times how he is a man for the best interests of people by giving hope and new beginnings during the hard times of hurricane Maria to the people of Puerto Rico and the State of Florida as our former governor. Finally, Senator Scott is not your average politician, he actually listens to the voters’ concerns and finds solutions whenever it is in his power.”


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